Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun

Hello ! I know it has been so long since
I have posted and there is so much to share !
Well first things first here is a picture of our
new home ! We are the ones on the left !
The house is great it fits our little family
perfectly ! It's in Albion.

And my o my how kids grow ! Here are some pictures
of Riley ! She is so big, she is stating to talk a lot !
She has all the words she needs; MINE, NO, Yes,
More and you know the less important ones too lol.
She is a free spirit like her dad she loves to be outside
all day every day rain or shine. Her new fun thing is
to blow bubbles ( O that is another very important
word BUBBLES ! ) We don't say that word unless
you are willing to sit outside and blow bubbles for at
least 30 minutes. = ) what a fun kid. She also loves to
go to the park and play on the toys ( O there's another
word TOYS, well usually MINE - TOYS ! ) She is all girl
she loves to play pretend with her Babbie's and tea set.
She loves mommy to do her hair and pretend to do her
make up. Shes a great kiddo ! So here are some cute
pictures of her doing what she does best !

Funny story with the baby picture. So Riley is in
to sharing with her babies, she loves to feed them
what ever she has, watermelon, m&ms anything
you name it. Well we were going to Boise and to
keep Riley occupied we bought her some m&ms.
When Rileys quiet that's not a good sign, so when
it fell quiet in the back seat I turned around to
investigate. I about died laughing when I saw
the baby with an m&m in her mouth. Well that
baby has the perfect sized mouth for the m&m
so much so that I couldn't get it out lol I had to
give the baby the Heimlich to remove the m&m.