Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tandem = FUN !!!

So the Turner family hasn't been up to much lately, just watching Riley Jo grow like a weed! We have been wanting to get out and do something lately and this weekend we finally figured out what our calling was, Bike riding ! Well I bought a bike that me and Riley could ride around on in the summer when she is old enough to fit in the trailer and then it was Corys turn...... ( we know what that means! ) =) So we are wondering through the bike stores and we came across a tandem bike and we fell in love. One gentlemen suggested we go rent one and try it first. He said it will either strengthen or break a relationship, and that this bike is all about communication. We drove around town till we found a bike shop that would let us test one out and it was love at first pedal ! It was great but the cost not so much ! At the nice bike shops an entry level bike went for 630 and we even test drove a 1200 one ! Well thats alot of money to just throw down on a bike so Cory looked around on the internet and Walmart sells them ! Who loves Walmart !!! =) We picked the bike up for around 250 ! So here are some awsome photos of cory building it and I am not sure who will take pictures of us riding it but when I figure that out I will put some of those on here too !

The Missionaires took the bike for a spin and they loved it !